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Located in Wichita, Kansas, Emperor's Japanese Grill serves up the finest Japanese cuisine for half the price of other Japanese Steakhouses. We do not categorize ourselves as fast food, but rather fast casual while serving the same quality food of a Japanese Steakhouse. As a scratch kitchen, every dish is created, using only the finest ingredients with our unique sauces made in-house. Along with our unique recipes we offer a one of a kind flavor from our scratch kitchen while offering an abundant of combinations to choose from. Our authentic menu, which includes great daily specials, create a truly enjoyable dining experience while serving the finest meats, seafood, rice, and vegetables.


Tuesday Special

1 Sweet & Sour or General Chicken - $8.50

2 Sweet & Sour or General Chicken - $15.00 ​



Hibachi Chicken

11 AM - 9 PM  EVery day


       We hope you have

           a rice day!

Broccoli Beef



320 N Rock Rd

Derby, KS 67037

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Emperor's Japanese Grill

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